Bare like a Hussy

Two pins reaching the ground
as nature intended
Clad neither in wool nor cotton nor nylon

Mother’s voice from the past
The importance of being well turned out
lest one be seen by those who would relish the sharing
ready and waiting to be appalled by transgressors
of their unquestioned regulations

Brazen she said
Yet, why care about those who decree
how others should be
when what they mean is, pleasing to them

Those who live in shadow
shrouding their fear of criticism
walking the straight and narrow
direct to life’s end
in modest garb
that cannot cover their dissatisfaction
in the direction taken.

Bare like a hussy
Open to warm air and gentle breeze
Free to be
on legs carrying along
a meandering path with no fixed destination.

Feel, perceive, pause, sense,
embrace wonder
Be content.


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