The meeting

150 word story, to include the hidden phrase: ‘if you love books and reading’. Written for a challenge on ReadWave. If you like it then please support me by clicking the heart at the bottom of this link: The Meeting by zeudytigre on ReadWave.


The doubt drips slowly, force of will failing to staunch the wound. What if it were true and you considered yourself in love? Despite the heat I feel chilled, nauseous at the very idea. Were the books a foil? Had it been her you went to study, with her intense face and ridiculous, librarian’s clothes? I never was much good at reading between the lines of our conversations. Natural they said, bound to happen one day. Not yet though, please not yet. From the moment we first met I have given you my life, my all, how could you walk away?

Footsteps, a door opening, voices low and excited, sharing, excluding.

‘Hi Mom, I’m home. I’ve brought someone to meet you.’

Smoothing my skirt I put on a smile and prepare for battle. One day you may find a mate worthy of bearing my grandchildren. Today is not that day.



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