Why do you keep doing this to us?

Heart racing he clicked the icon, she had done it again. A light-hearted, nostalgic anecdote about her crazy family. The readers lap it up: empathising, sympathising, laughing along. They don’t understand the effort it took to forget, to move on. She does.


19 thoughts on “Why do you keep doing this to us?

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Unfortunately this has been rejected for significant grammar issues. And apparently I shouldn’t have used the question as the title – we live and learn. Thank you for reading, I do so appreciate that.

  1. I can understand this too. I had one of those families that was the picture of the all-American family on the surface. Nice house in the suburbs, dad worked full-time at a lucrative job, Mom worked part-time at the elementary school as a receptionist, volunteered at the church, and cooked good-wholesome meals.
    It wasn’t one of those horrifying situations where people are being beaten and molested, nor were my parents deliberately cruel. However, my family was a very stoic lot. Any overt display of emotion was seriously frowned upon. My older sister fell in line quite well. My younger brother and I are the type to wear our hearts on our sleeves.
    We Kept Up Appearances, but it wasn’t without psychological cost.

    • Thank you so much. Unfortunately this has been rejected for significant grammar issues (and for using the question as the title). I truly do appreciate you reading and commenting.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. I really did like where you went with it! I was rejected from the non fiction grid this week… On to the next I suppose!

    • Thank you for that. I am not an English scholar and fully accept that the criticism I have received is well meant and justified. That it hurts so much speaks volumes about my fragility.

  2. Love the irony at the end. Social media shines a light on the kind of behavior that spurs writers on, too. So much hanging out on our sleeves : )

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