What came in through the bedroom window?

Disorientated by her dream she rolled over to find him gone. Momentary relief, then concern. Was it the storm that had made her confess? From the comfort of her duvet she listened to the silence, closing her eyes to the impending day.


15 thoughts on “What came in through the bedroom window?

  1. I love the line about the storm making her confess, and how you leave us with the sense that she’s gathering her strength to face up to what has happened.

  2. I sense she is about to get arrested, or at the very least, chastised for doing something bad. Although a bit cryptic, I want to know more.

  3. My sense is that she made a decision. She acted on it, and now she is resigned to accept the consequences. She seems serene and at peace with her situation. Nothing so spontaneous as a storm.
    But, I’ve been wrong before. Nice work.

  4. I’d also like to know what she said! And the storm scenario as well. Also how the duvet brings a sense of security but she has to leave it.. and face the day, whatever that may bring.

  5. Like Karen, I read this as a confession of love. Is she doubting herself because he is gone? I’m not sure we need to know what she confessed but it’s fun to guess! I think I’ve been here before. Not necessarily the love confession, but wondering if I’ve said too much. Nicely conveyed.

  6. Love that middle line – the question of why and linking it to the storm. I feel this isn’t the end for them though, the concern couple with the relief suggests they will be able to work through it.

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