The wedding

‘It’s pink, Nina, fucking pink! If I didn’t know her better I’d think she was doing this to get at me, but she’s not even that aware. Thinks I don’t notice clothes, that I just chuck it all together without thought. I mean, I know it’s her wedding, but pink! ‘

‘Ellie, you didn’t really expect your mom to let you wear torn black chiffon and deep purple did you? That dress was seriously awesome but you would have upstaged the bride.’

‘So why do I have to be bridesmaid anyway? For Christ’s sake, it’s her fourth wedding. Who has bridesmaids at a fourth wedding? She’s done just fine having all the others at the town hall.’

‘She wants to dress up, have a party. You told me David’s loaded so why not?’

‘Oh God Nina, what am I going to do? I thought she might let me at least get a black underskirt, drape black cobwebs over it, but she just bursts into tears when I try to suggest a compromise.’

‘Is she still trying to get you to go back to being blonde?’

‘And she insists on professional make-up. That, of course, is just a ploy to keep me away from my eye liner. She wants a different daughter, a Barbie doll daughter like David’s, who sips cocktails and goes moony when some idiot boy tells her how beautiful she is. She’s never let me forget the night I kneed Eddie Crawford in the groin when he tried that one. I still reckon he was being sarcastic.’

‘She probably just wants you to match the little ones, they’ll love pink.’

‘So why do I have to be there at all? Let them all look cutesy together and do their thing without me.’

‘What does David say?’

‘Not a lot. Made some comment about having to wear a matching cravat. I think he just wants it over with, but he’d do anything for mom.’

‘Have you met his daughter yet?’

‘She’s flying in tomorrow, big family dinner with dress fittings the next day. If I don’t get it sorted then I’m the sugar plum fairy, and given David’s profile the photos will not stay hidden in the family album. It doesn’t bear thinking about.’


‘So, Darrio says that this sort of exposure is just what I need. In the right dress I can be like that British girl, you know, the one with the bum who wore white to her sister’s wedding and the press fell in love with her? I mean, they loved her sister too, they will just adore you Sally, how could they not? But my dress must have that Wow! factor, especially from the back.’

‘Cressida, the dresses have already been chosen. You and Ellie are in pink, Lottie and Beth are in white with pink sashes, and your dad and Ben have pink cravats.’

‘Sally, Dad, this is my future, this is my chance to make an impression!’

‘Darling, try to remember, this is our wedding.’

‘But it can be both! Just let me choose a different dress, one that accentuates all my best features. Just do this for me.’


‘What do you think I should do?’

‘See what she chooses and take it from there. This may just be a storm in a tea cup.’


‘Whose idea was it in the end?’

‘David’s, thank God. Oh Nina, you should have seen Cressida’s face when she saw the photos. Her attempts to pose made her look as if she needed the loo, and that dress she chose just merged with the background beside Mum, who looked absolutely fabulous and so happy. Ben loved his top hat and tails and kept dancing with Lottie and Beth. It was actually a pretty good day.’

‘You made a very handsome man you know, and that top hat set your hair off perfectly.’

‘Why thank you sweetheart. Mum reckons she should have had me giving her away, it was the only thing she regretted. I told her, no regrets. She’s waved three husbands off to war and none came back, nobody should have to deal with that. She deserves all the happiness she can get.’



8 thoughts on “The wedding

  1. I think there’s always drama where weddings are concerned! I know it’s petty, but I would’ve secretly been satisfied that she picked out an unflattering dress 🙂

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