Where does it hurt?

Slicing through my heart, those words, ‘I hate you!’ His desires have been thwarted, but at four years old all he has known is love. I live with a loathing that has left scars both within and without. I hate myself too.


20 thoughts on “Where does it hurt?

  1. Even at four years old, I don’t think a child knows what love or hate is. I think it’s just being in the moment and they heard someone else say it when. They didn’t get what they want. Don’t take it personal.

  2. Oh, the power our children have. They do not understand what they can do to us at that age. Your words are so true, and yet we still love them as they hurt us.

  3. We can’t win no matter what with the little ones. And then we hate having to make those decisions that will make them hate us. Double edges. You captured the essence of parenting so well.

  4. Oh, that’s harsh. Each time a child says that you have to throw out of your mind the saying that children know and see things that adults can’t. Great answer to the prompt!

  5. What makes this so painful is not just the hurtful words thrown by an unknowing child, but the way they reverberate against a heart that is already suffering. While you can dismiss the child’s words on one level, deeper down they just feed one’s negative self-image. This is incredibly dark and sad, and makes me hurt all over. Very well written. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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