Food for thought

In the old days I would seek birdsong for solace, a reminder of all we had lost. Now the drone song precipitates death, my comeuppance for voicing opinions long banned, the microchip in my skull providing meat for the state sponsored vultures.

I decided to try something new this week. The Gargleblaster asks for a 42 word response to an ultimate question, which this week is ‘Why do birds suddenly appear?’ The answer must make sense alone, be creative and, for this month only, make no reference to family.

Now, click on the badge above and go read the other entries on the grid!


10 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. A totally different take on the prompt from what I’ve read so far. I feel like this could be expanding into quite an interesting story, but alone it gives just the right snippet to please the reader.

  2. Oh so “Brave New World” right?
    your last line was stellar, brought the micromanaged life home, inside our brains.

  3. I voted for you without reading. That’s what I clicked. Nice touch the link to the links. I plan to copy you next week.
    You have written an interesting story. Lots of buzzards this week. lol

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