Danni’s first date


Written for this week’s Tipsy Lit Prompted Challenge: Celebrating the Trickster.

Danni checked her reflection in the mirror one last time and decided that she would have to do. No amount of make up or styling would turn her into the gorgeous and glamorous young lady she wished to be. At least her stomach was flat; she had felt too nervous to eat. Closing her bedroom door she took a deep breath and went downstairs.

‘I’m going round to Maddie’s now mum’ she called out brightly.

‘Okay love, don’t be late home.’ Her mother was in the kitchen, trying to persuade her toddler sons to eat the food she had so lovingly prepared. Since her second husband had left she was always distracted by the boys, which suited Danni just fine.

There was a chill in the air and it was starting to get dark, but Danni barely noticed. Instead of walking round the corner to her friend’s house she caught a bus into town. Rob had suggested meeting in a coffee shop, just down the road from the cinema. She hoped that she would be first to arrive; she did not know if he would want to stop for a drink or move straight on to go watch the film.

This was Danni’s first ever date, a dream come true. She had been amazed when Rob had sent her the text asking her out, but his sister had assured her that he had been thinking of doing so for some time.

Rob was at the local college now, but everyone remembered him from the school football team that he had lead to victory in last year’s cup. His sister had been accepted as a cheerleader when Danni had been rejected. They had barely spoken until earlier this week when his text had arrived.

Danni pushed the coffee shop door open nervously and stepped inside, scanning the room for the boy she had fantasisied about constantly for the last two years. The whoops and laughter registered moments before her stomach turned over and she realised what an idiot she had been.

‘She came! She actually came!’ shrieked a delighted voice. ‘April Fool!’ Rob’s sister sang out as she and her cheerleader friends high fived each other, ecstatic with their success.

Danni turned and fled, running down the street, blinded by her tears. All she could think of was the self contempt she felt for allowing herself to be so stupid as to believe that the handsome and popular Rob would ever ask her out.

The young father hurrying home from work had no chance. The sudden movement to his right, the sickening thump as his car hit something large at speed; he could not brake quickly enough and his car bumped over the body as it landed on the road. He climbed out shaking, vaguely aware of screams, of people appearing and then running away. His attention was focused on the broken body of the lovely young girl, bleeding onto the road at his feet.



5 thoughts on “Danni’s first date

  1. Poor, sweet girl. I’ve seen this happen – without that bloody ending – a handful of times and it’s never easy to watch. People can be quite awful.
    I’m just going to pretend that she gets picked up by the ambulance and makes it out alive … and that the newest EMT ends up taking her out on a real date. lol

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  3. You evoke emotion so well – getting us all excited along with Danni about her date, feeling a bit naughty in the sneaking out and a bit suspicious as we learn more about the date. The end is a real punch in the gut and completely unavoidable.

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