Fly me to the moon

I don’t like Uncle Frank, and he is not my uncle. I don’t know why I have to call him that. When he comes to stay Mummy gets all silly and fussy. She makes me sit at the table but won’t talk to me the way she normally does. He asks me stupid questions in a voice I hate. Why can’t he just talk to me normally?

Not that I want to talk to him. I wish he would go away. I told Mummy that I hated him coming here but she won’t listen. She says that he makes her happy. She doesn’t seem happy when she’s cleaning the house before he arrives, shouting at me to put my toys away or change my clothes.

He keeps bringing me new toys. I wish that Mummy would buy me the toys, then I could like them. When he brought me the big Lego set that I wanted I thought Mummy would help me to build it which would have been fun. She told me she was busy and to ask Uncle Frank, but I don’t want to play with Uncle Frank. He spent ages putting the set together and then Mummy sent me to my room because I ignored it. I hate that set.

Daddy seems to understand. When I tell him about Uncle Frank he hugs me and tells me that I don’t have to like every Tom, Dick or Harry that Mummy brings home. I don’t really know what he means, Mummy doesn’t bring any one else home to stay. All her other friends are from before and come around with their children for a morning or an afternoon. I like some of them, even if their children are annoying. Callum broke my rocket set and didn’t even get told off. That was so unfair. I always get told off when I break something, especially if it belongs to someone else.

Daddy brought a lady back to his house once. He acted all silly around her like Mummy does with Uncle Frank. I cried and told him that I didn’t like her so he doesn’t bring her round when I am there. He listens to me. I wish that he would live with Mummy again, although without the shouting and crying.

After Daddy moved out the teachers at school kept asking me if I was okay. It was so embarrassing, I wished that they would leave me alone. I would have been okay if Uncle Frank hadn’t come along. Mummy used to do loads of fun stuff with me, we didn’t even have to go out or anything. She would let me help make cakes or top pizzas and then we would watch a film together, curled up on the sofa. Now Uncle Frank sits with her on the sofa and she ignores me.

I used to think that the other kids at school were lucky when they got taken to museums and theme parks. Daddy was always too busy and Mummy too tired. Now I have to go with Uncle Frank and I wish I could just go back to being at home with Mummy. If Uncle Frank is there then everything is spoiled. Mummy is so different when he is around, not like my mummy any more.

She left me alone with him once while she went shopping or something. I cried and screamed until I was sick. Then I lay in bed until Mummy got home. Uncle Frank wouldn’t stop talking, even though I pulled my duvet up over my head. He told me that he loved my Mummy and wanted to marry her, but that she was worried about me. He told me that he wanted to get to know me and hoped that we could grow to like each other. I told him that I hated him and wished he was dead.

Mummy asked me if I would like to be a bridesmaid, to dress up and be a princess for a day. I told her that I would prefer to be an astronaut or Batman. Uncle Frank laughed when Mummy told him. He said that I could be whatever I wanted which made Mummy look cross, the way she used to with Daddy. Daddy tells me I can be whatever I want too.

Mummy tried to take me shopping for princess dresses but I wouldn’t put any on. They looked silly and I knew Mummy would tell me off for playing in them if I got dirty or dropped food down them. She cried in the shop which made me feel bad, then we went and had something to eat.

Uncle Frank invited us to stay at his house for a night. It is bigger than ours and has a garden that goes on forever, with a pond filled with fish and lots of big trees. He asked if I would like him to make me a tyre swing to hang off one of the branches. He said it in a normal voice so I said okay. I still hate him, but a tyre swing would be fun.

They were shouting at each other about the princess dress. Uncle Frank said I should be allowed to dress as an astronaut if it meant they could get married, but Mummy said it would ruin her day. I felt really bad. Mummy has stopped being so silly around Uncle Frank but she still doesn’t treat me the way she did when Daddy left. It all feels messed up and I think it is my fault.

I don’t know if they are going to get married now. Uncle Frank made me the tyre swing but he and Mummy keep arguing about the wedding. She wants to have a big, perfect party and he just wants to be married. I wish that they would stop shouting. Daddy smiles when I tell him about it. He reminds me of Declan at school, the way he looks when he pushes someone over and the teachers don’t notice. Declan is a bully. It makes me feel all squirmy to think of Daddy and Declan.

I told Mummy that I would wear a princess dress if she wanted me to. She gave me a big hug but still didn’t look very happy. Uncle Frank doesn’t look happy any more either. I don’t want him to be dead now, and I wouldn’t mind going to live at his house. He was going to decorate my new bedroom with rockets and buy me an astronaut suit even if I couldn’t wear it to the wedding.

I wonder will he buy me the astronaut suit if they don’t get married.


7 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon

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  2. Really good job getting inside the perspective. I like the character’s growth and the realistic progression of events. Nicely done!

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