The Visitor

There was a time when things were different. In those early days I would drift quietly through the depths of the ocean, comforted by the darkness and silence. I thought that the translucent creatures gliding by were typical of this world where I had been forced to seek refuge.

It took me some time to realise that there was more to be discovered. I explored and was drawn towards light. Colours appeared, garish and vivid after the deep. The currents pulled me along, I did not resist.

I broke through the surface and a whole new world appeared, one that would not treat me so kindly. I saw the land, the trees, the many colourful birds. I considered taking their form rather than that of their cruel oppressors, but I wished now to find a way to return home.

I observed and adapted, but not quickly enough. I was a curiosity from which they wished to benefit. In the end I had no choice if I was to survive. I was surprised at how easily they fell, how susceptible their fragile bodies were to such simply mutated organisms.

After the cull I was more careful. If I was to escape then I would need to leave this island, to find a way to live unobtrusively amongst a more savvy people. I knew that if my origins became known then I would be feared, treated as a phenomena, a freak, an aberration. This race would not trust what they could not understand, what they could not control. I would need to blend in, to learn quickly the rules of their society.

I perceived that I could follow my own path so long as I lived below the radar of those who ruled. If these beings saw a threat to their power they would show no mercy. The unexplained disquiets them but they have a capacity to ignore that which they cannot rationalise. I would work alone, trust no one.

I moved quietly, without ostentation, watching interactions and behaviour. I lived as those around me expected, passing through and moving on. I could see that there was much that I could usefully do, but understood by now that, whereas their many weaknesses dictated a life lived in hurry, I had all the time in the world.

Their technology was crude but could be adapted. They relied heavily on a currency that was easily obtained electronically and could be used to procure all that I required. My greatest challenge was allowing them to continue to destroy each other and their planet. I had never before encountered a race so intent on self destruction.

If my communications were detected then no action was apparent. Having set up the transmitters and receivers I was able to send my messages regularly and at will. As with the shape that I adopted for myself, my device merged with it’s setting. I would disable it before I left.

The commander of my rescue mission was concerned that his craft would be intercepted. These people’s ambivalence to UFO’s was not something that our race could easily comprehend. In the event it was as I had expected. The few people who saw the lights and the craft would not broadcast what they had seen for fear of ridicule.

Their cruel and foolish little world looked so beautiful from afar. Such an amazing system of replenishment had evolved, only to be slowly destroyed by one parasitic species. Perhaps I should have wiped them all out to restore balance, but such interventions are forbidden.

It would be good to return to my homeland, to tell the tales of all that I had seen. The evil within these humans was incomprehensible. Their brains should have been capable of understanding how to beneficially coexist, yet even those who showed signs of greater sense did nothing to change the illogical destruction of their world. To watch such potential being systematically destroyed was bewildering.

My time in the ocean had been happy though. Those deep waters and gentle creatures had been a joy to get to know. The thought of their inevitable fate, along with that of so many other innocent creatures, saddened me.

As we left their solar system I knew that I would travel again but not to here. It turned out that all who visited Earth felt the same. For the sake of the greater good, we would continue to allow them to believe that they were alone.



12 thoughts on “The Visitor

  1. Your story is wonderful. I loved the words “My challenge was to allow them to destroy each other and their planet.” It’s happening though. I know yours is a fiction and well thought out.I’ve enjoyed reading it.
    I am Ranu.

  2. You writing style is very enjoyable, as is your sense of empathy. It would have been nice to have a little more balance, but it’s your story and your right to self expression.
    Thanks for sharing.

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